1L, 2L, Law School

Re-Introducing The Bookish Bronde!

What I’ve been up to the last few months and an update on law school!

Back and Better Than Ever

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a LONG time since I posted on here. My first year of law school completely kicked my butt. It was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, years of my life. Now that I know how to handle this whole thing, I really want to try and be more present on the blog/Instagram and post in real time!

So, I figured I would re-introduce myself, give you a brief update on what the hell happened in the last year, and basically start fresh! Here goes nothing!

Re-Introducing Me

  • I run this blog/Instagram account anonymously
  • My original goal was for it to be a collection of my thoughts on books and the law school experience so I could look back someday and remember the entire journey
  • I am 24 years old and attend a law school in Manhattan
  • I recently moved to Hoboken, New Jersey and LOVE it here
  • My significant other is also a law student (at a different school, luckily and unluckily!)
  • I am about to start my second year of law school
  • I spent my summer interning with a city agency in their legal department
  • I am on law review at my school
  • I am involved in several student groups on campus- I am actually the President of one!
  • I am incredibly passionate about public interest work and skipped out on the OCI (big law) process at my law school. This is an incredibly controversial topic, but I did what was best for me and am following my gut and interests!
  • I love enemies to lovers tropes
  • I am also a sucker for a good beach read
  • I love candles
  • I recently got really into fantasy and I find that it’s a nice escape at the end of a school day after reading 100+ pages of case law and legal doctrines
  • My favorite book is The Great Gatsby
  • I LOVE red wine and went to Napa this summer and would fully love to move there forever (anyone know any attorneys based out of Napa???)

The 1L Update

I survived the first year of law school! My program was entirely virtual due to COVID, though at the beginning some of my classmates exercised a hybrid option.

At the beginning, I despised virtual law school. Who wants to get cold called virtually?? But I quickly realized there were some benefits- like having all of our lectures recorded and being able to go back and re-watch classes and office hours! I also found that I had more time in the mornings to work out and start my day when I did not have to commute. And, perhaps best of all, for the first semester I lived at home and enjoyed the benefits of my parents’ cooking and wine! To be fair, my second semester move to Hoboken worked out perfectly, as my roommate loves to cook and I have definitely taken advantage of her willingness to do so!

Over the last year, my course load included:

  • A fundamental law course, similar to what some schools call “Leg Reg”
  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Property
  • Criminal Law
  • Torts
  • Legal Writing

I also participated in some student groups, which introduced me to some of my favorite people on the planet! I’m going to do a post on everything I learned during my first year of law school, but my two biggest takeaways HAVE to be 1) find a study group of like-minded people and 2) get a standing desk, it will save your body!

I somehow managed to survive the first year of school, make some great friends, and get an internship all while being entirely virtual. After exams, I participated in my school’s writing competition, and with a combination of grades and successful completion of the competition, I was offered and accepted a position to join my school’s Law Review!

I’ve pretty much spent my summer preparing the student groups I am on the boards for, getting ready for Law Review Work Week, picking out my courses for the Fall (including an awesome clinic I’m so excited to share more about!), and, of course, doing legal research for my internship. I’m VERY ready for semester 3!

The 2L Update

As of now, it looks like I’ll be heading to campus and I am so happy to finally meet my peers! I was lucky to meet most of my close friends in person this summer, and I’m excited to actually be in classes with them (though I’ll miss the recording aspect of Zoom School of Law!).

I hope to use this blog to chronicle a lot more of my experience than I did last year, and I’ll also do some more posts about my 1L experience while it’s still semi-fresh in my mind.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for checking in and following along, and let me know if there’s anything else you want me to talk about on here! 🙂 Until next time!