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Book Shelf Review: How Do You Organize?

I took this to Bookstagram and asked you all how YOU organize your shelves. Here are some of the most popular answers! Don’t forget to follow me @thebookishbronde for more 🙂 And let’s leave out the fact that I somehow read the original results as Color v. Author and had to run this poll again *insert face palm here*

By Size AND By Color

I am laughing out loud as I type this because of course I run the poll a second time and it comes out a DEAD TIE 50-50 for size and color! Now I REALLY want to know in the comments what y’all prefer!

And who said size doesn’t matter? 😉 Size makes sense to me, it keeps everything looking clean and obviously when you stack you put the largest book on the bottom. Maybe I’ll try organizing by size next!

Having color tied for first is honestly surprising to me! Maybe it’s because I follow a lot of bookstgrammers with similar aesthetics, but I thought color would be the winner for sure. Although this response does make sense for those who take the types of photos I wish I was minimalist enough to take- all whites and creams, mostly pages rather than covers, and just generally warm and cozy. Is cozy a color or state of being?

Honorable Mentions

By Author

If I had three walls of floor to ceiling bookshelves with a ladder running on a track around them, this would definitely be the way I organize my books. But alas, I have a ladder-style shelf and lots of dresser/side-table space that currently host all of my books. I went with color for the aesthetic, but alphabetical order seems so ideal to me. You know where to look, and you can keep series together! Alas, aesthetics win for me in the end.

By Genre

This is such a fun way to organize and I wish I had a larger variety of genres so I could actually dedicate full shelves to genres! I am envious of those of you who organize this way.

By Fiction/Non-Fiction

Organizing by fiction/non-fiction makes a lot of sense to me as well. But, my next question to you would be how do you organize within fiction non-fiction? Is it wrong that I get a thrill in wondering about this kind of stuff?!

And my personal favorite… By However They Fit

This answer made me LOL. I guess it falls in with the winner, size, but I had to keep it out in its own response because it’s just so real.