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Book Review: We Were Liars

What’s a book that you haven’t been able to put down and you stay up way past your bedtime reading?


Cady was born into family with trust funds. They have a private island where summers are spent twirling in the waves with her cousins and running with pure bred dogs. There’s a boy. And they’re the Liars. Everything is perfect, until Cady suffers a traumatic brain injury and can’t remember what happened. The only thing that might bring out the truth is going back to the island and piecing it all together.

Why I picked this book:

Y’all… this book. I was shook until the very end. In typical “me” fashion- I picked this one up just before my first final exam thinking I would take a break for a few hours. And then I took my exams and picked it back up as a reward before starting to study for my next final…. and then it was 2 am and I was finishing it!


This was full of suspense right up until the end and I loved the quirky and unique writing style! I also loved the maps and family trees that made it so easy to follow the extensive family drama. I surprisingly loved the choppy sentences and “once upon a time” stories. I started guessing towards the end what happened to Cady but was SHOCKED at what truly happened. This was such a fun coming of age/dark heroine story and I’m so glad I treated myself to a study break to read it!

The Bookish Bronde Rating