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Book Review: Majesty

Last week, I reviewed American Royals in anticipation of Majesty being released, and now I’m back with my ~official~ review of the second book in the series!


The Royal Family of America is back, following the untimely death of their beloved father and King. It’s officially time for Beatrice to take her spot as America’s first female ruler and make a choice between her heart and her duty to her country. Sam is still the spare party-princess, Daphne is still scheming to win Prince Jefferson back, and Nina is still trying to stay out of the royal limelight following her failed relationship with Jefferson. Told from the four female’s perspectives, Majesty picks up right where American Royals left off.

Why I picked this book:

Like I said in my review of American Royals, I read the first book many months ago and fell in love with all of the characters. I was so excited for Majesty that I pre-ordered it!

Honest Review:

Let me preface by saying I still love the characters and I still love Katharine McGee’s writing. I think Sam was just as hilarious and fun as the first book. And, it was great to see her grow up a bit while maintaining her tricks and scheming. Oh, and for the record, I am still not team Daphne, now more than ever!

However, Bea and Nina’s plots really fell short for me. One thing I loved about the first book was how each chapter focused on someone different. This time, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough of Bea or Nina. There were so many times I wished for more pages focusing on the two of them and their relationships- especially because their relationships were, in my opinion, the most unexpected. I think their stories needed a bit more resolution than we saw, so I sincerely hope there’s a third book! Additionally, I did not love how Jefferson’s story ended up playing out with Daphne. That was really unexpected for me, so I’ll say again I would LOVE a third book!

There were still many things I loved about this book.

I appreciate the discussions around race, privilege, and sexism in this book. That was probably the biggest stand out in this book in comparison to the first.

Also, it made me really happy to see Sam’s influence on her sister, though it did feel like it took a little too long for Beatrice to step into her TRUE role as Queen. Honestly, I think Sam’s story felt the most genuine and stayed true to the first book. She would make a great “modern” queen. AGAIN: I would love a third book because I think there’s a lot more to their relationship that’s worth exploring.

As with the first book, I flew through this in a day. I love the world that McGee created with these characters. And I did really enjoy Marshall’s character and the development we saw for Teddy and Ethan. There really is something so special about each of them and while I wish there was a bit more development for the four leading ladies in Majesty, I can assure you I will buy and read anything that McGee writes forever.

I won’t reveal any spoilers because I know of so many bookish friends who have yet to read it. It is a great, well written, fun world. I’m glad to have a copy of both books in the series on my bookshelf!

The Bookish Bronde Rating:

I rated the first book 4 stars and at the end of the day I liked the first one better! I hope that you’ll consider picking up the series in full. And if there’s a third book, I would definitely read it!