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Book Review: Little Threats

Thank you so much to NetGalley and PenguinGroup Putnam for sending me an ARC copy of Little Threats by Emily Schultz in exchange for an honest review. Little Threats is out November 10, 2020- don’t worry, I’ll remind you on pub day! 😉


Teen angst. We’ve all been there. Twin sisters Kennedy and Carter are no exception, especially considering they grew up in the ’90s. But when Kennedy goes to jail for the murder of her best friend, Haley, after a night of partying, teen angst takes on a whole new meaning. Fast forward almost a decade and a half and Kennedy is released and desperate to prove her innocence. Her sister is convinced she did it. Her father has dedicated his life to protecting himself and his family. And Haley’s family wants to see Kennedy and her family burn. Kennedy’s return brings up memories for both families. When a popular crime show host comes into town to try and discover what really happened, no one is prepared for what secrets, and maybe even the truth, will finally be revealed.

Why I picked this book:

I was sent an ARC e-copy by NetGalley and PenguinGroup Putnam after reading the description of the book and really wanting to read an upcoming thriller!

Honest Review:

While not as fast-paced as I typically go for with a thriller, I ended up enjoying Little Threats. It is a short, quick read and easily done in one sitting.

This was an entertaining psychological thriller, albeit a slow burn. My biggest question: how was everyone seeing Haley in the present day? Was it simply a choice by the author to have everyone see her as she did the day she died? I was almost expecting some type of Pretty Little Liars twist where a twin was involved or she somehow wasn’t really dead. I would also have loved to see more of the background of the crime show and how they gathered their evidence, since that kind of gets thrown at us.

My favorite thing about this book was how Schultz really made everyone a suspect. I can honestly say that I was convinced for most of the book that one character did it. I didn’t really figure out who it was until just before it was revealed. There were quite a few twists and surprises, and the ending will having you scrolling back to check out some of the details you might have missed earlier.

Little Threats was an interesting commentary on being a teenager, youthful mistakes, family trust, and sacrifice. If you like thrillers, consider picking up a copy of this one when it becomes available on November 10, 2020!

The Bookish Bronde Rating: