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Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

All I have to say is: Chapter 55 made me a believer.


A Court of Mist and Fury picks up with Feyre and Tamlin’s return to the Spring Court after Under the Mountain. Feyre is learning to handle her new life, planning a wedding, and navigating the bargain she struck with Rhys. As new evil lurks, Feyre might be the only person that can stop it. And Rhys might be the only person who can help.

Why I picked this book:

I read ACOTAR a few weeks ago and didn’t love it. But I kept hearing about this mysterious Chapter 55 and how much better the character development is in the second book and so… here we are.

Honest Review:

I hate admitting that I am wrong. Y’all know how critical I was of the first book. And I was nervous to be FULLY honest because it was my first critical review. But boy did SJM pick it up with this second book.

First and foremost: Chapter 55 was quite possibly one of the steamiest scenes I have EVER read. Like WOW. I won’t spoil, but if you’re going to take anything from this review let it be to at least read up to this chapter.

But for real- the writing was just so much better in this second book! Feyre and Rhysand FINALLY developed as characters. Getting to see Feyre unravel her powers actually made her likeable and not just another Katniss Everdeen. And I’ll admit I didn’t love Rhys or Tamlin in the first book but now… easily team Rhys. Now that we’ve met some members of Rhys’s court, I am excited to delve into their stories as well! And wow, that ending!!

I also love how this book started to incorporate some backstories and I can see what the series is setting up. Truthfully, the first book could have been way shorter and it still would have set the stage nicely for this second book.

While I am surprised that the series managed to hook me, I am kind of glad that I am renting these books on Libby. I don’t think I’ll purchase hard copies until I know the second book isn’t just a fluke, so stay tuned….

The Bookish Bronde Rating: