About Me

Welcome! I’m so excited to have you here. I am The Bookish Bronde, a 25 year old brunette-turned-blonde-turned-back-to-brunette-turned-to-beautiful-balayaged-bronde-turned-who-knows-what-because-pandemic-hair-and-law-school-hair-loss. I’m a New York City girl turned Hobokenite, lover of books and red wine, and future lawyer.

I started this blog for two reasons:

1) to chronicle my law school experience because I could barely find current law student blogs, and

2) to talk about books that I love, hate, or feel indifferent towards (and yes, I know about Goodreads, and yes, I know law school entails a lot of reading).

As you will see, this is my unfiltered attempt at managing my own anxiety by word-vomiting about law school, the books I’m reading, and reviews! I hope you enjoy and find something valuable (or at least comical) here!